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Rogier Timmermans April 20, 2010

To all visitors of this website who are thinking about hiring Paul or working together with him; I had the privellege of working with Paul in many different countries on investment documentaries on developing economies and also on a lifestyles documentary on Dubai. I can only say that, in my career as a cameraman/d.o.p., I have never come accross someone who is as professional and passionate about his job as Paul is. Always making sure he gets what is needed for his report, while being incredibly pleasant to work with at the same time. Never a bad day, never a dull moment. Keep up the good work!

Your colleague and friend,


Paula Molina April 20, 2010

Hi Paul,

It was a pleasure to work with you. You will find your video-material very soon in the cityguide website:

PS: Your website looks great!

Michael Connery April 20, 2010

Well Paul. It was great to get to know you when you interviewed me on “The Global Irish” for RTE. And your fellow freelance jornalist JEFF FARRELL. With your devotion to filming and expertize you even made me look good teaching the children in Argentina how to play Hurling. Hopefully we´ll keep in touch in the furture. Keep it up and “te felicito” saludos a Barbara.

Naida Azizova April 20, 2010

Great site and very interesting reporting Paul. I liked the stories you did while we were working on the same company in Moscow ( RT TV channel), but I never knew you were that good at filming. Well done my friend, hope you’ll re-join us again. Hopefully, you might also visit me in South Ossetia one day, given your chosen topics (social problems and troubled regions).
In the meantime keep up and take a very good care of yourself,
Hugs from the North Caucasus,

Tom Clarke May 4, 2010

Hi Paul, well done on the website – looks great! Ref your story on the cattle carbon footprint….perhaps we should understand if we can also reduce the huge volume of [embedded] water (3,600 litres) according to Nat Geo it takes to produce a single kg of beef?

Stop by our site whenever you have time – we post regularly. Perhaps you might consider a ‘special feature’ on our site or allowing us to link with a suitable story of yours? We need all the help we can get and we are 100% voluntary. Thanks

Frances Aylward May 20, 2010

Hi Paul, never knew you had this portfolio..very impressive and was a pleasure meeting and sharing the big day with you and your family..Regards to Barbara and may our paths cross again !

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