Since March 1st, 2014, I have been appointed as Senior Producer for the Associated Press, Argentina and Southern Cone region.

For the most part, from now on, I will discontinue updating my work online here but will drop in from time to time and otherwise I can be followed on my facebook, twitter or instagram accounts.

One of video journalim’s most active international proponents, Paul Byrne has worked for the Asssociated Press news agency bureau in Buenos Aires since 2008 establishing himself as a veteran in the field, providing news coverage and features for the various AP Television news and sports departments and freelancing for a raft of the world’s most respected media outlets.

Specializing in generating off agenda or enterprise coverage the 35 year old has travelled extensively throughout the region producing stories on everything from indigenous communities to unique environmental phenomenon’s. 

Over the last two years alone the Irish man’s range of work has seen him in the press pool covering Hilary Clinton’s participation in the Rio+20 summit, traveling solo two times to the Falkands, Las Malvinas islands, providing video, text and photos during significant news events on the far flung archipelago and following Pope Francis around Rio de Janeiro during the Argentine Pontiff’s first international trip. He also spent one month in Washington in 2012, working hand in hand with the regional editor and deputy editor producing AP Televisions’s Latin America desk. Maintaining his freelance endeavours the video journalist also continues as a key contributor to GlobalPost’s award winning “On Location” series with a variety of dispatches from throughout the southern cone of South America.

Following a Masters in International journalism in the UK, Paul, originally from the ‘sunny’ South East of Ireland started out with the BBC. After cutting his teeth as a video journalist with the ‘Beeb’, he then breached the cold of Russia moving to Moscow to work with the newly launched international news channel Russia Today whereby he was a correspondent on regional issues, covered the Latin America and Middle East desks and even had a stint as an entertainment reporter.  

Having moved to Argentina in mid 2008, Paul continues evolving in his role as a video journalist, all the time looking for innovative ways to cover Latin American news events and daily issues and bring a more interpretative snapshot of the region to a global audience.

You can see his cross media work through various agencies in everything from renowned national daily’s such as USA Today to special interest channels like the National Geographic Channel and international rolling news such as France 24. I also comment on breaking news from the region through the news distribution agency Global Radio News and can be heard on everything from CBS Radio to regional radio stations throughout Europe…

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